Friday, July 19, 2013


It wouldn't be the summer without visiting the Lobster Pot on the Cape. This restaurant serves all of your seafood favorites, but be sure to bring your appetite.

Try one of their seafood dinners including fish & chips, clam strips, scallops, fried lobster and whole clams. All of these dinners come with a good portions of fries and their tasty homemade cole slaw. The dinners come in two sizes: a large portion "plate" and their king-sized "platter." 

Another highlight of the Lobster Pot's menu is their baked and broiled seafood dinners. Choose from summertime favorites like sauteed lobster, baked haddock, broiled scallops and broiled salmon. All of these dinners come with cole slaw and a side of fries or rice. If you're a fan of scallops go for the broiled scallops. Wicked good.

If you're on the Cape, your trip wouldn't be complete without lobster in some form, right? The Lobster Pot has several tanks filled with live lobsters. You can choose the one you want to fill your belly. Have a simple lobster roll or go all out with their lobster in the rough dinners. They also have a raw bar filled with fresh catches including oysters, shrimp and cherrystones.  Oh yeah, be sure to have some of their hearty clam chowder. It's among the best on the Cape.

If you have a picky eater in your family, the Lobster Pot has you covered. They have salads, chicken fingers, hot dogs and grilled cheese. Beverages include several beer and wine options, lemonade, sodas and their extra thick milk shakes.
Located on the Buzzards Bay/Wareham line, the Lobster Pot is only about an hour from Boston, if you don't hit traffic.
Clam strips platter
One of the live lobster tanks
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