Sunday, June 23, 2013


Summer is officially here, so let's celebrate by looking at some of New England's best summer restaurants. These restaurants are all close to the beach and are the perfect places to relax with an icy cold drink in hand.

Let's begin at The Red Parrot in Newport, Rhode Island. Open year round, this restaurant and their ginormous menu is a legend with beachgoers. Start your meal off right with one of their alcoholic beverages. A warning: there are so many, it may be hard to decide on just one!  Frozen drinks include an Oreo mudslide, the Sweedish Fish with Cuervo tequilla & Triple Sec and the Psychadelic Iguana with Bacardi, Midori, coconut milk, pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and raspberries. They also offer a bunch of equally as wild specialty drinks and martinis. I went for the Stoli Doli Martini, which is a perfectly mixed and powerful punch of Stoli vodka with fresh pineapple.

The Red Parrot's menu is expansive. Again, it's kind of hard to decide on just one dish. So, sample a few. Start off with one of their appetizers. Try their heaping pile of nachos, wings or one of their many quesadillas.

On to the main course. There are a bunch of pasta options. Lobster ravioli, seafood pasta, even a dish of blacked chicken and shrimp called Rasta Pasta. What makes The Red Parrot a true Sizzlin' Summer Spot is their huge variety of seafood options. They offer traditional favorites like fish & ships and New England boiled lobster to walk on the wild side options like Teriyaki Sesame Salmon and Thai Curry Shrimp. With so much to choose from, I settled on the swordfish steak with jasmine rice and beans. Just look at the size of that swordfish! If you're not a fan of seafood, The Red Parrot has plenty of mainland dishes including steaks, ribs, salads and grilled chicken. 

If you still have room after countless frozen drinks and your entree, The Red Parrot has a dessert menu packed with goodies like chocolate lava flow cake and key lime pie that promises to be as good as you'd get in Key West. Mmmm. I think I'll have to save room for that next time.
38 Thames Street
Newport, R.I.

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