Wednesday, May 30, 2018


A taste of summer in the city. Tonight, Uno's was offering lobster platters to their Insiders members for just $9.99. Needless to say, their Framingham location was jumping. That's a great price at any time, but with the sky high price of lobster meat this season, it's a STEAL. PLUS, it comes with clam chowder, fries and cider cole slaw. Uno's Insiders Club is one of the best restaurant programs. It's free to join and they hook up members with great deals like this one all of the time.  , , ,

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


One BIG burrito!
Baja Burrito
Bueno Y Sano's Acton, Mass. location
Bueno Y Sano
Acton, MA

In Spanish, Bueno Y Sano means "Good and Healthy." This delightful local Mexican chain sticks by its name, offering healthy and local foods without skimping on the portions. Just look at the Baja Burrito I ordered at their Acton location. The thing is almost the size of a football. It's also packed with flavor. The Baja is stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, onion and chipotle sour cream. The bacon and chipotle sour cream really add some flavor to this burrito. I ate the whole thing, but was stuffed for the rest of the night!

Other specialty burritos including a breakfast burrito with eggs, beans and cheese. There's even a spicy Thai burrito with rice, red cabbage slaw and Thai peanut sauce. Customers can make their own burritos and tacos with steak, chicken, pulled pork and grilled chicken. All burritos can be made into bowls. There are also several vegetarian options like spinach & garlic, tofu, mixed grilled veggie and bean burritos. Bueno Y Sano also serves up salads and quesadillas.

Bueno Y Sano was started by a UMass Amherst alum in 1995. It's original store is still in business in Amherst and there are now many other locations including in Springfield, MA and Burlington, VT. , ,

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Puerto Vallarta has several locations in Connecticut including this one in Newington.
Camarones Mexicanos
Everyone gets bottomless chips and salsa!
One of their fine margaritas.
A good excuse to enjoy some tequila!

Newington, CT

You don't have to travel to Mexico to experience the flavor of Puerto Vallarta. Eat Up New England recently enjoyed a hearty Mexican lunch at their Newington, Connecticut location.

Puerto Vallarta makes sure its customers don't go hungry. A waiter came rushing with chips and salsa before we had taken off our coats! When we ran out, they brought us more. 

Puerto Vallarta's menu is HUGE. Choose from tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, salads, soups, burritos and a long list of house specialties. I ordered the Camerones Mexicanos (Mexican shrimp) from their lunch menu. I was presented with a large plate of shrimp over rice with peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. They are served with tortillas so you can make your own tacos. This large and delicious dish was just $9.99 at lunch. If you save room for dessert, they offer traditional favorites like tres leches cake, churros and deep-fried ice cream.

Puerto Vallarta has other locations in Avon, Danbury, Middletown, Orange and Southington. It's the perfect spot for a mouth-watering Mexican meal whether your group is big or small. ,

Tuesday, May 01, 2018


A stout with a sample of a vanilla porter.
Artichoke dip & chips
BBQ beef brisket with herb-roasted potatoes
Kingdom Taproom serves craft beer and locally sourced foods.
Kingdom Taproom
St. Johnsbury, VT

Kingdom Taproom brings some of New England's best craft beers and locally-sourced food together. This gastropub is located in northeastern Vermont and is well worth a stop on the way to Canada.

At lunch, we were handed a beer menu which included an impressive selection of beers, many of them from Vermont and other New England states. I settled with a stout and was delighted when our server also presented me with a sample of a vanilla porter that they had on tap. Now, that's service. BTW, Kingdom Taproom always has a current list of their beers on their website.

The food is as tasty as their beer. We began with their cheesy artichoke dip and chips. I really enjoyed their BBQ beef brisket sandwich. I ordered it with herb-roasted potatoes, which were a tasty twist on regular fries. Also on their menu: several salads, flatbreads, mac & cheese and California BLT. For dessert, there's a root beer float but they also serve a Dark Beer Float with beer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. , , ,