Saturday, June 30, 2018


Cheesesteak Hoagie from Cleavers
Crabfries from Chickie's & Petes
Philadelphia is the home of American history, but this fantastic city also houses some fine food. The city is world famous for their mouth-watering cheesesteaks. There is so much buzz about Geno's and Pats, but the locals told Eat Up New England to check out Cleavers. Their "Cheesesteak Hoagie" is by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted. It is loaded with steak and melted cheese. Underneath it all is lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo. All of it is piled into a sesame seed bun. This cheesesteak is as good as it gets. 

Eat Up New England also made it to Citizens Bank Park for a Phillies game. So many people were eating crabfries, so I hunted them out. They come from the local chain, Chickie's & Pete's. These seasoned fries are so addictive, especially when you pair them with hot cheese sauce. , ,

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Italian sandwich with chips
One of the many beers on their menu.
Mystic Cafe offers customers a bright and inviting atmosphere.
Mystic Cafe
4928 Main Street 
Manchester, Vermont
The town of Manchester, Vermont is known for its shopping. There are tons of outlet shops. It is also the home to Orvis. There are also many cozy restaurants in town like Mystic Cafe.

The Cafe's menu features comfort foods like soups, sandwiches, flatbreads and salads. I really enjoyed their Italian sandwich, filled with thinly sliced meats and cheese. There's also a grilled cheese stuffed with three different cheeses. Order some tomato soup with it for dunking. Dinners include entrees like lamb sliders, paella and a boneless chicken caciatore.

Mystic Cafe offers brunch on Sundays with waffles, eggs dishes, frittatas and sandwiches. There are plenty of coffee options including lattes, espresso and cappuccino. They also serve alcohol, with many local beers, wine and sangria to choose from.


Clam strips & fries plate
Cup of clam chowder
The Lobster Pot has a raw bar with oysters, cherrystones & shrimp cocktail.
The Lobster Pot is known for their HUGE lobsters, which they will cook for you.
Buzzard's Bay - Wareham Line, Massachusetts

When the sun starts to shine and the temperature rises, The Lobster Pot is the first place Eat Up New England goes for an authentic seafood meal. This restaurant boasts an extensive menu with all of the Cape Cod classics.

I LOVE their clam strips plate. It comes with a pile of clam strips, crispy fries and cole slaw. I usually order a cup of their fantastic clam chowder to go with it. Other seafood dinners include fish & chips, oysters, scallops, calamari, shrimp and whole clams. The Lobster Pot also offers baked and boiled haddock, lobster and scallop dinners. Their lobster rolls are also amazing and jam-packed with fresh lobster meat. Be sure to check out their tank of live lobsters to eat. Some of them are pretty big. Their menu also includes burgers, a hot dog, grilled cheese and the summer classic, corn on the cob.

Customers can drink up at The Lobster Pot. They have a bar that's stocked with beer and wine. For dessert, there are frappes and ice cream sundaes. , , , ,

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Say Cheese! Grilled Cheese Food Truck
The Pickleback
MELT Food Truck
Classic Poutine from MELT
The food trucks are a huge draw at MetroFest.
It was food trucks on parade today at the annual MetroFest in Framingham, Massachusetts. This traditional community event kicks off the summer ever season with local vendors and a line of food trucks. I sampled a few of the trucks, starting with Say Cheese! I loved their Pickleback grilled cheese with bacon, cheddar and dill pickles stuffed in the sandwich. I also can't turn down poutine so I ordered the Classic Poutine from the MELT food truck of Worcester. The fries were topped with gravy and a generous amount of cheese curds. If I had an extra stomach, I would have ordered a Bobbie from the Cappriotti's food truck.  I also saw an amazing looking taco quesadilla from another truck. , ,