Thursday, March 21, 2019


Black & White, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate Glazed and Strawberry Shortcake
Now open in Westborough, Massachusetts
Check out that selection!
Take your donuts home in a pizza box like this one.
Rocco's Doughnut Company
Westborough, Massachusetts

Rocco's Doughnut Company has been making handmade, flavorful donuts in Millbury, Massachusetts for some time. Today, they expanded, opening a new shop in Westborough, Massachusetts. The first 100 customers received free Rocco's T-Shirts. Those went fast. When I got there around 9:15, there was still a line, but it went fast. Everyone waiting was so excited that Rocco's is finally open for business.

Rocco's makes all of their doughnuts on location. They are big, filling and come in a variety of sweet flavors. There's a Fruity Pebbles donut, topped with the fruity cereal and strawberry frosting. They baked chocolate glazed donuts with chocolate sprinkles. There's even a strawberry shortcake donut. Fans of the classics will enjoy their chocolate glazed doughnuts, jelly, crullers and cinnamon buns.

Rocco's also serves doughnut breakfast sandwiches - bacon, egg & cheese or sausage, egg & cheese in between honey glazed doughnuts. There's plenty of hot & iced coffee to complement your tasty treat.

These doughnuts are the real deal. They are so filling that you can easily split one with a friend or save half for later. Follow Rocco's on social media to see how they are always adding special doughnut flavors. , , , ,

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Fish & chips
Lovely day for a Guinness!

Carrot cake
Stone's Public House
Ashland, Massachusetts

St. Patrick's Day weekend is upon us once again. Stone's Public House in Ashland, Massachusetts is a perfect spot to grab a pint and enjoy some hearty food.

Stone's serves all of the tasty Irish classics. There's Shepard's pie, fish & chips, seafood stew, Guinness Irish beef stew and a full Irish breakfast. They even have a Vegetarian Shepard's Pie. I enjoyed their hearty plate of fish & chips. Stone's also serves lamb chops, ribs, salmon, mac & cheese, chicken and filet mignon. They also offer a bunch of sandwiches like turkey breast & avocado, barbecue pulled pork and toasted ham & cheddar.

There are some very tempting apps like an Irish Pizza with potatoes, scallions, cheddar and bacon. There's also poutine, Irish sausage rolls, fried oysters and brussels sprouts.  If you save room for dessert, I recommend their Limoncello Mascarpone Cake or their carrot cake.

While we were eating, I heard someone at the table next to us ask their server if she's seen any spirits. She said no, but it made me want to know more. Stone's Public House has an interesting and spooky history. It was built in 1832 by a businessman named John Stone. The building fell into disrepair until it was bought in 1976. The buyer started experiencing strange events. A hypnotist visited the inn and talked with the spirits. He determined that six or seven spirits visit the inn. He also talked to some of them and learned that John Stone killed a visitor who cheated during an upstairs card game.

I did not see any spirits. Just lots of good food.

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