Sunday, September 30, 2018


Pumpkin ice cream from Abbott's Frozen Custard
Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer with a cinnamon rim
It's pumpkin season and Eat Up New England is ALL IN! Fall is one of my favorite times of year because of all of the pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavors foods and drinks. 

There are so many pumpkin-flavored beers on the market these days, but I will always order a Shipyard Pumpkinhead, which is brewed in Maine. The flavor is fantastic especially when complimented with a cinnamon rim. 

While we're talking about drinks, fall is pumpkin-flavored coffee season. I enjoy Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte as much as anyone else, but I often order it ICED and still topped off with whipped cream. Another amazing Starbucks drink this time of the year is their hot caramel apple cider.  Cold cider in New England is delicious from just about anywhere. Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vermont and The Big Apple in Wrentham, Massachusetts are two of my favorite places for cider AND cider donuts. (See Eat Up New England's archives for full stories on both places.)

Pumpkin ice cream is also one of my fall favorites. Today, I enjoyed some pumpkin custard from Abbott's Frozen Custard at the Needham Fall Festival in Needham, Massachusetts. Bliss Dairy in Attleboro, Massachusetts also makes a fine pumpkin ice cream.

Grocery stores sell an outrageous amount of pumpkin-flavored items this time of the year. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places for pumpkin. I love their Pumpkin O's cereal, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin waffles and spiced cider. My sister raves about their pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I haven't tried them, but I will soon. 

Embrace the pumpkin. Enjoy the fall because we all know what season is next. 
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Saturday, September 08, 2018


Shopping at Ikea can be overwhelming. The superstore is always packed and their seemingly endless supply of home furnishings can be a lot to take in. Take a break and check out their dining area. There are many options like salads and salmon fillet, but those who are in the know order their Swedish meatballs. For just $5, you get eight of these tender, tasty meatballs with gravy, along with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and a seasonal vegetable side. The combination of flavors is so good. If you can't get enough, Ikea also sells bags of their meatballs. ,


Newington, CT location
90's Punch
Lobster mac & cheese
Salmon with asparagus & risotto
Spinach-n-Artichoke dip
Newington, CT (with several other CT locations)

The Wood-N-Tap Bar and Grill is popping up all over Connecticut. With dishes like lobster mac & cheese and drinks like 90's Punch, that's something that Eat Up New England can certainly get behind!

I've stopped by there Newington location several times and am always delighted by the vast selection of options on their menu. Apps include a cheesy skillet of Spinach-n-Artichoke dip (pictured above) with tortilla chips, flatbreads, Sesame Ahi Tuna, Monster Nachos, Maine Crab Dip, Chicken Fingers and Fried Mozz. 

The drink menu is quite impressive. Sure, there are plenty of beers and wines, but I enjoy their unique cocktails.  Their 90's Punch is a blend of vodka, Hub Punch and juice served in a drink pouch! It's one of their "OMG" options on their menu for creative food & drinks you're aren't going to find anywhere else. Wood-N-Tap also makes their own hard lemonades with flavors like blueberry, peach, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry.

Entrees run the gamut from pasta entrees like Blacked Chicken Pasta to pizzas like their Mac and Cheese Pizza, one of their "OMG" entrees.  There are also several salads like their Chop House Steak Salad, along with traditional sandwiches and wraps. Over the summer, Wood-N-Tap offered several lobster apps and entrees. I enjoyed their hearty portion of lobster mac & cheese. Their Atlantic Salmon entree is absolutely fantastic. The fish is served with a cheesy risotto and asparagus. Delicious.

Stop by Monday-Friday between 3-6pm and after 9pm for Tappy Hour. A selection of apps and drinks are served for cheap at their bar. , , , ,