Friday, April 29, 2022



Hell's Kitchen Burger
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is expanding his food empire in Boston, preparing to open a second restaurant in the city. Gordon Ramsay Burger will open in Boston later this year. It will feature the chef's butter-basted burgers, fries, and hand-spun milkshakes. Of course, there will be a Hell's Kitchen Burger with mozzarella cheese, jalepenos, roasted tomatoes and avocado.

The 4,000-square foot restaurant will be in the new Canopy by Hilton hotel which is near Faneuil Hall and the financial District. The Hell's Kitchen host opened Ramsay's Kitchen in the mandarin Oriental earlier this year. It features his signature Beef Wellington, along with twists on local favorites.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2022


Daves #2 and Dave's #1

Dave's #2

Order your chicken deliciousness here.

The dining room
The only location in New England!

Dave’s Hot Chicken
Newton, MA

Something HOT is coming to Massachusetts. Dave’s Hot Chicken that is. The restaurant is opening its first location in Newton this Friday. Eat Up New England attended a special friends and family event today ahead of the opening. 

Dave’s Hot Chicken specializes in chicken, so their menu is limited.  Sliders. Tenders. Fries. Cheese fries. Kale slaw. Mac and cheese. Milkshakes. The end. 

There are three combos to choose from. Dave’s #1: two tenders and fries. Dave’s #2: two sliders and fries. Dave’s #3: one tender, one slider and fries. These meals are enough for two, so if you don’t want as much, you can order a la carte. Get one slider and say some mac and cheese or get one tender and some kale slaw. The #2 was highly recommended so I ordered the two sliders. Extra cheese. Extra pickles. All of their chicken is drizzled in their highly addictive Dave’s sauce. What. A. Meal. 

NOW, if you’re not a fan of spicy food, Dave’s has you covered. Choose your heat for your chicken ranging from No Spice to Reaper. I went right down the middle and enjoyed my chicken with mild sauce. 

Dave’s Hot Chicken started in California and has branched out all over the country. How lucky are we that their first New England location is in Massachusetts?!

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Monday, April 04, 2022


Grills and tasty toppings are ready to go!

Inside of the Boston Sports Institute

The Big Melt
Cheesy Street Grill
Multiple locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

The Cheesy Street Grill is the home of elevated grilled cheeses and other cheesy delights. I recently checked out their location in Wellesley, which is a little off the beaten path. It's nestled inside of the Boston Sports institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts and is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite after practice.

You'd be a cheesehead if you didn't try their grilled cheese. Customers can choose from a bunch or toppings like caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, guac, mushrooms, bacon and more. There are also a bunch of their own grilled concoctions. I really enjoyed The Big Melt that's stuffed with ground beef, cheddar cheese, pickles and thousand island dressing. There's also the Get Shorty with beef short ribs and chipotle mac & cheese OR go for the Taco Grilled Cheese with ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, guac, cheddar and jalapeños. How about the Cheddar & The Sea? That's their version of a tuna melt. Or, The Great Hambino, which is made of ham, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions. Is your mouth watering yet?

The Cheesy Street Grill also whips up mac & cheese bowls. Customize them with the same toppings that they use in their grilled cheeses. There are salads for those looking for a healthy alternative. A Caesar, fruit & nut and chipotle chicken salad are all on the menu. And, don't forget the tots! Get 'em plain or loaded with cheese and bacon.