Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Two mouth-watering Mexican Dogs
Mexican Dog & Zippity Do Dog
Zippity Do Dog
Zippity Do Dog
Framingham, Massachusetts

A small, unassuming cart sits by the side of the road in Framingham, Massachusetts. It's easy to drive by, but be sure to pull over and discover Zippity Do Dog. This cash-only hot dog stand is open for lunch only and its flavorful creations have customers coming back for more.

Eat Up New England's favorite is their Mexican Dog. It's topped with salsa, nacho cheese and crushed tortilla chips. Yes, on a hot dog and it tastes so good. Eat Up New England also enjoys their Zippity Do Dog with coney sauces, caramelized onions, mustard and bacon nestled along the sides of the bun. Other hot dogs include the Hula Dog with pineapple and BBQ sauce and the Chili Dog with chili and cheese. Zippity Do Dog also serves burgers, Italian sausages and grilled cheese.

Zippity Do Dog is open 11-3 Tuesday-Friday only and don't forget to bring cash.  ,

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Barrett's Waterfront in Fall River, MA
There are plenty of TVs to watch the game.
Drunkin Pumpkin Ice Latte
New England Cod
Chicken and waffle sliders. You get TWO of these.

Barrett's Waterfront

Fall River, Massachusetts

Barrett's Alehouse are expanding in Massachusetts, with one of their finest locations in Fall River called Barrett's Waterfront. This place is HUGE with plenty of seating inside and out. Eat Up New England recommends eating al fresco for a view of the water. 

Barrett's Waterfront offers many beers and cocktails, with many seasonal selections. There are a bunch of fall beers on tap right now like Pumking, Pumpkinhead, Sam Adams Octoberfest and Pumlin Shandy. I highly recommend their Drunkin Pumpkin Iced Latte, a mix of iced coffee and vodka with a sweet cinnamon rim.

Appetizers are large. Just look at the huge plate of chili nachos were ordered. There's enough for 3-4 people. There are other traditional apps like buffalo chicken dip, shrimp and calamari. Many of the dishes at Barrett's Waterfront are inspired by the local culture, so there are plenty of seafood options and Portuguese dishes you won't see at their other locations. There's their Portuguese Stuffie, a quahog shell stuffed with Portuguese style dressing, and entrees like Portuguese steak and a Portuguese burger. They also have Seafood on Ice with raw jumbo shrimp, littlenecks and oysters to choose from.

If you visit for lunch, try one of their lunch specials. They are still a good size. I enjoyed the cod with fries and seasonal squash. One of their most popular dishes is their chicken & waffle sliders, with belgian waffles for buns, maple glazed chicken and cranberry spread. Barrett's also serves mac n cheese, steak tips, seafood casserole, roast turkey dinner, along with a bunch of burgers, bowls, flatbreads, salads and wraps. , , ,


Temazcal's newest location in Framingham, MA.
Mexican Chopped Salad
Queso Fundido
Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla
Framingham, MA
Several other locations in Massachusetts

Temazcal is expanding again, opening its latest restaurant in Framingham, Massachusetts, where the old Paparazzi used to be. The space has been given quite the makeover inside, but offers the tasty dishes that Temazcal's customers enjoy.

My wife and I recently stopped by for dinner on a busy Saturday night and split some vegetarian appetizers. The queso fundido was fantastic. It's served with grilled torillas for dipping. Other appetizers include lobster guacamole, Mexican street corn chowder, nachos and shrimp ceviche. Entrees are also served with a large basket of tortilla chips and sauces.

There are a bunch of salads on the menu, so we ordered the Mexican Chopped Salad. The presentation was lovely with the salad wrapped in fresh cucumbers. We split the grilled vegetable quesadilla appetizer, but there are plenty of hearty entrees on the menu. There are many tacos to choose from like grilled salmon or grilled chicken. House specialties include chorizo enchiladas, scallops al pastor, poblano stuffed chicken mole and adobo braised short ribs. 

Temazcal also serves an outrageously long drink menu filled with cocktails, margaritas, wines and beers. Desserts include favorites like flan, churros, fried ice cream and strawberry cheesecake chimichangas.   , ,