Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Two mouth-watering Mexican Dogs
Mexican Dog & Zippity Do Dog
Zippity Do Dog
Zippity Do Dog
Framingham, Massachusetts

A small, unassuming cart sits by the side of the road in Framingham, Massachusetts. It's easy to drive by, but be sure to pull over and discover Zippity Do Dog. This cash-only hot dog stand is open for lunch only and its flavorful creations have customers coming back for more.

Eat Up New England's favorite is their Mexican Dog. It's topped with salsa, nacho cheese and crushed tortilla chips. Yes, on a hot dog and it tastes so good. Eat Up New England also enjoys their Zippity Do Dog with coney sauces, caramelized onions, mustard and bacon nestled along the sides of the bun. Other hot dogs include the Hula Dog with pineapple and BBQ sauce and the Chili Dog with chili and cheese. Zippity Do Dog also serves burgers, Italian sausages and grilled cheese.

Zippity Do Dog is open 11-3 Tuesday-Friday only and don't forget to bring cash.  ,

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