Saturday, June 16, 2018


Say Cheese! Grilled Cheese Food Truck
The Pickleback
MELT Food Truck
Classic Poutine from MELT
The food trucks are a huge draw at MetroFest.
It was food trucks on parade today at the annual MetroFest in Framingham, Massachusetts. This traditional community event kicks off the summer ever season with local vendors and a line of food trucks. I sampled a few of the trucks, starting with Say Cheese! I loved their Pickleback grilled cheese with bacon, cheddar and dill pickles stuffed in the sandwich. I also can't turn down poutine so I ordered the Classic Poutine from the MELT food truck of Worcester. The fries were topped with gravy and a generous amount of cheese curds. If I had an extra stomach, I would have ordered a Bobbie from the Cappriotti's food truck.  I also saw an amazing looking taco quesadilla from another truck. , ,

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