Tuesday, May 01, 2018


A stout with a sample of a vanilla porter.
Artichoke dip & chips
BBQ beef brisket with herb-roasted potatoes
Kingdom Taproom serves craft beer and locally sourced foods.
Kingdom Taproom
St. Johnsbury, VT

Kingdom Taproom brings some of New England's best craft beers and locally-sourced food together. This gastropub is located in northeastern Vermont and is well worth a stop on the way to Canada.

At lunch, we were handed a beer menu which included an impressive selection of beers, many of them from Vermont and other New England states. I settled with a stout and was delighted when our server also presented me with a sample of a vanilla porter that they had on tap. Now, that's service. BTW, Kingdom Taproom always has a current list of their beers on their website.

The food is as tasty as their beer. We began with their cheesy artichoke dip and chips. I really enjoyed their BBQ beef brisket sandwich. I ordered it with herb-roasted potatoes, which were a tasty twist on regular fries. Also on their menu: several salads, flatbreads, mac & cheese and California BLT. For dessert, there's a root beer float but they also serve a Dark Beer Float with beer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. , , ,

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