Sunday, April 29, 2018


The new Wegmans at the Natick Mall is finally open.
This location has its own Mexican restaurant called Blue Dalia.
An impressive cheese section where there are plenty of samples to enjoy.
Fresh veggies on the second floor
Live lobsters and some creatively packaged vodka on the second floor.
The massive new Wegmans at the Natick Mall finally opened today. Eat Up New England stopped by this afternoon and there was plenty of parking in the parking garage. The store was packed with first-time shoppers, which is to be expected on opening day. 

This mega grocery store features two huge floors. Upstairs, there is a bakery, fruits/veggies section, prepared meals, hot/cold buffets, a large cheese section, seafood, and a restaurant called The Burger Bar. Downstairs, customers will find frozen & refrigerated foods, dairy, cereals and a large wine, beer and liquor section. 

The soon-to-open Blue Dalia restaurant is also on the first floor. Roberto Santibanez will serve as the Mexican restaurant's culinary director. He is the chef and owner of Fonda's third locations in New York City. Blue Dalia opens on May 4th. , ,

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