Saturday, April 28, 2018


BBP poutine from Mache in Montreal
Italian poutine from Dunns Famous in Montreal
Chicken poutine from stHubert
Eat Up New England is just back from a relaxing and food-filled trip to Quebec, Canada. Trying kinds of poutine at different restaurants was one of the many highlights. Poutine originates from Quebec and is made of fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. But, as you'll see there are many tasty variations in Canada.

The first place I enjoyed this dish was Mache in Montreal. This small restaurant was recommended to us because it's a place where the locals eat. They have several poutine dishes on their menu, but I settled for one that they call BBP where the fries are covered in ground beef, bacon, cheese curds, peas and house gravy. This dish was so large that I couldn't finish it!

The next poutine I enjoyed was at a place called Dunns Famous in Montreal. They are known for their smoked meats. I loved their "Poutine Italienne," which substitutes the traditional gravy with their homemade meat sauce. Amazingly good and filling.

I also LOVED a chicken poutine at the chicken restaurant chain StHubert. This dish was made of breaded chicken chunks drizzled with BBQ sauce, plenty of cheese curds and gravy at the bottom of the dish.  ,

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