Tuesday, May 29, 2018


One BIG burrito!
Baja Burrito
Bueno Y Sano's Acton, Mass. location
Bueno Y Sano
Acton, MA 

In Spanish, Bueno Y Sano means "Good and Healthy." This delightful local Mexican chain sticks by its name, offering healthy and local foods without skimping on the portions. Just look at the Baja Burrito I ordered at their Acton location. The thing is almost the size of a football. It's also packed with flavor. The Baja is stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, onion and chipotle sour cream. The bacon and chipotle sour cream really add some flavor to this burrito. I ate the whole thing, but was stuffed for the rest of the night!

Other specialty burritos including a breakfast burrito with eggs, beans and cheese. There's even a spicy Thai burrito with rice, red cabbage slaw and Thai peanut sauce. Customers can make their own burritos and tacos with steak, chicken, pulled pork and grilled chicken. All burritos can be made into bowls. There are also several vegetarian options like spinach & garlic, tofu, mixed grilled veggie and bean burritos. Bueno Y Sano also serves up salads and quesadillas.

Bueno Y Sano was started by a UMass Amherst alum in 1995. It's original store is still in business in Amherst and there are now many other locations including in Springfield, MA and Burlington, VT. , ,

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