Monday, June 17, 2013


Along Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts you'll find a cozy little bistro called The Baker's Oven. They specialize in farm-to-table meals including their gourmet, thin crust pizzas, which look delicious. I'll have to try one the next time because during this visit, I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes, spaghetti bolognese. I got a heaping portion of pasta with lots of tasty meat sauce. The dish also came with bread and a side salad. Great value! If you don't like bolognese, try their elbow mac & cheese made with Cabot cheese. It's also served with a side salad for just $11. 

The Baker's Oven may be small, but they offer plenty of drinks on their bar. The have mimosas and all kinds of specialty cocktails. Chances are, their staff can mix up just about anything you can dream off. They also have a couple of beers on tap, including a brew from the Berkshire Brewing Company, which I enjoyed. Also on the menu: several sandwiches, salads and nightly specials. The Baker's Oven has plenty of vegetarian options including a veggie burger and veggie melt. Their desserts are all made in house and change daily.

After lunch or dinner, walk about the street for a few local hot spots. To the left, Shelburne Falls. You can walk right up to it to take pictures. To the right, The Bridge of Flowers. Instead of knocking down this trolley bridge, the locals turned it into something beautiful.

UPDATE: As of July 2016, this restaurant had closed. It's been replaced with a restaurant called "Hearty Eats." , ,

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