Saturday, July 13, 2013


Dining at Empire Restaurant and Lounge for the first time was kind of like going to watch some fireworks on the 4th of July and leaving without a grand finale. It was good, but I was left wanting more.

The night started out in the super trendy bar/ lounge area. I had a couple of sangrias, which were very good.  We moved to the very spacious main dining area for dinner. The drinks kept coming, with some at our table ordering libations served in a coconut complete with dried ice. Never order a drink that appears to be on fire. They're always overpriced and there's never enough alcohol, as was the case with these $26 drinks. You pay for the presentation.

It was time for apps. The tempura and edamame was absolutely delicious. These fried veggies were easily my favorite dish of the night. Order them if you go. We also had some crab rangoon to start. They were good, but at 12 for $29, they weren't that good. Very pricey for what we got. I expected a real wow factor for taste and was not wowed.

I played it safe and ordered the chicken lo mein for dinner. The heaping portion was served in a bowl and there was plenty left over for lunch the next day. It was good, but again, I wasn't wowed especially with the $21 price. I suspect if I tried the sushi I would have been more excited, but I'm just not a sushi person. It doesn't fill me up.

Empire is a favorite for those who must eat gluten free. They have a large menu of GF options. There's even a GF beer called "Omission." Cheers to Empire for having all of these options. My friend got some crazy GF dish of beef, rice, veggies with an egg on top. She hated it. The staff was kind enough to offer her another dish and never charged her for the bowl. The waitress couldn't have been nicer and the manager even came over to check in.

Bottom line: Go to Empire for the social scene that it is. Have a few drinks. Share a few apps. Ask lots of questions before you order and bring your wallet.
Tempura and edamame
You can watch the chefs do their thing from the comfort of your table.
Chicken lo mein
GF bowl that was sent back
Empire is right on the water in Boston. If you arrive around sunset, be sure to walk behind the restaurant for beautiful views of the city. You're also likely to catch a party boat or two out on the water.
Tasty Tips
- Parking is at a premium. If you go for lunch, try to find a meter on the road. If you go for dinner, you'll pay around $16 to park the car for the night.   
- Take a stroll around the water before you eat.

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