Saturday, August 17, 2013


Don't let the long line intimidate you. The line at Galleria Umberto in Boston's North End is long because the food is to die for. Galleria Umberto sticks to a few Italian favorites and does them well. They cook their pizza sicilian style by the sheet. It goes fast, but workers are always quick to bring out the next sheet of pie. The pizza is light, with a crispy crist. Just like mama used to make. And you can't beat the price. One slice will only set you back $1.65. The arancini is also a must. The softball-sized balls of rice and cheese are stuffed a mix of meat and peas. One arancini will fill you up at lunch. Galleria Umberto also offers several calzones including spinach & cheese and ham & ricotta and spinach, cheese and sausage. A can of soda is only $1.30 and a cup of wine will only run you $2.25. Galleria Umberto is Italian food done right. A true gem of Boston's historic North End.
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