Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! If that sounds like a dream to you, be sure to check out The Skinny Pancake at one of its locations in Vermont. In 2007, the first Skinny Pancake opened its doors in Burlington and it has been a hit with college students, vacationers and the locals ever since. 

All of the crepes are made with fresh and local ingredients. There are many breakfast options including the "Early Riser" made with egg and Cabot cheese and the Atlantic Monster, a crepe with Atlantic salmon, spinach, cream cheese wrapped in a scallion wrap. You can order a breakfast crepe all day or go for one of their dinner crepes. They have dreamed up so many options on their menu from the simple spinach & feta and apples & brie crepes to the more complex "Cattle Rancher" with local beef, caramelized onions, red roasted peppers, cheddar and chipotle sour cream or the "Localvore's Dream" with Misty Knoll chicken, cranberry-apple chutney, blue cheese and arugula. The Skinny Pancake also has plenty of local beers on their menu including the wickedly popular Heady Topper.

If I'm having a crepe, I'll usually go for a dessert crepe and that's just what I did on a recent visit. I loved the "Choco Monkey" with Nutella and banana. Simple and savory. They have so many more dessert options including a strawberry shortcake crepe, the "Hot Apple Crispy" with apple, honey, cinnamon sugar and whipped cream and one I'd really like to try called "Brownies in Bed," a brownie blanketed with a crepe, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Mmmm.

The Choco Monkey
The Skinny Pancake in Montpelier
Contact: www.skinnypancake.com
Vermont Locations:  Burlington waterfront, Burlington Airport, Montpelier, they also have a cart at the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington

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