Sunday, November 17, 2013


A giant fish on display in the seafood section.
A train circles the daity department.
There's a definite buzz around the Wegmans chain of stores. This grocery store on steroids started in Rochester, New York and is making its way to New England. Wegman's is coming to Chestnut Hill soon, but is already open in Northboro, Massachusetts.

You really could spend hours here. The place is huge and their are all kinds of specialty departments within the store. There's an Asian bar with chefs preparing sushi. The seafood department features live lobsters and huge fish on ice. The cake and pastry sections have a wide selection of sweets. They even have a huge display of pumpkin cakes, cupcakes and pumpkin pie. It was hard to resist the pumpkin pie!

There are several aisles of health food and gluten-free items. The beer and wine department is enormous and I was happy to see they were selling one of my favorites, Shipyard Pumpkinhead. Wegmans even has its own little restaurants within the store. There's a coffee shop, a sandwich shop and pizza shop. They also have a huge buffet and salad bar area with hot and cold items. Wegman's was hopping, but there was plenty of staff to keep things moving.


Be sure to ghet a Wegmans Shoppers Club card at customer service. You'll get a Wegmans Menu magazine for free, along with coupons for a free reusable shopping bag and a free food item. The card is key because it also allows you to get all of the sale items in the store. Without it, you'll pay full price. ,

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