Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's grand opening day at the much buzzed about Wegmans grocery store in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Who is crazy enough to brave the crowds to check this place out? Eat Up New England. That's who.

As expected, this place was full of people just before noon this morning. Surprisingly, the parking wasn't a nightmare. There is a free parking garage that holds plenty of cars. Once inside, it was every man, woman and baby for themselves. Yes, this place is big, but not big enough to hold this opening day crowd. There were lots of shopping carts getting in the way of things.  At times, it got frustrating just trying to go from one aisle to the next, but this is to be expected during a grand opening. One big positive: the place was well-staffed with plenty of workers to help everyone. Staffers were very friendly and helpful. The checkout lines also went fast with more than 20 lanes open for shoppers.

Like other Wegmans, this one has all kind of special sections to shop. There's a large bakery, a cut veggies station, seafood market, pizza-by-the-slice section, hot/cold buffet, even a Mediterranean bar that's packed full of olives, hummus and salads. My favorite section within the bakery is mini pastries display. Six mini croissants, turnovers or danish for $5. You can't beat that.    

The prices at Wegmans are hit or miss. I saw some yogurt for 50 cents. A half gallon of milk is $1.99. Good prices. But some of their items are a little prices like the prepared hot/cold meals, which could have been a buck or two less expensive. Also, where were all of the freebies on grand opening day? Sure, there were coupons, but hook us all up for coming! All I got was a organic strawberry and a piece of Vermont cheddar.

Wegmans in Chestnut Hill is definitely worth the trip. Just be sure to visit during off-peak hours. Also, check out their Shopper's Club for coupons and discounts.

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