Thursday, June 05, 2014


The Mohegan Cafe is one of the most popular spots to grab a drink on Block Island. That's because they have been making their own brews since 1999, making them the island's only brewpub. They serve several of their own beers. Their most popular brew is the Mohegan Pilsner, which is a light beer. In the mood for a darker beer? Try their Black IPA, which they describe as a dark roasted malt with a distinct coffee profile. I tried and enjoyed their Spring Wheat, which is served with lemon. 

The Mohegan Cafe is open for lunch and dinner. Their menu is full of comfort food, along with salads and plenty of seafood. I ate their clam strips plate for lunch. It was served with a pile of fries and tartar sauce. Customers also rave about their clam chowder.

You'll have no problem finding The Mohegan Cafe. It's right in the center of town, just across the street when you get off the ferry. Having one of their cold beers is the way to go after the ferry ride. , , ,

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