Tuesday, February 24, 2015


A landmark restaurant on Boylston Street in Boston is closing. Forum has announced it will shut its doors on March 1. You may remember this restaurant made headlines after the Boston Marathon Bombings. It sustained a lot of damage and took months to reopen. Its rent is being tripled and the restaurant can't afford to stay open. Forum posted this letter to its customers on Facebook: 

Dear friends,
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closing of FORUM Bar & Restaurant on March 1st. Boston Nightlife Ventures would like to offer our sincere gratitude to FORUM’s incredible staff and to each and every one of our patrons, from our regulars to those who came in after the marathon to show their support. We cried together, we smiled together—none of those times will be forgotten.
After the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon forced FORUM to close for four long months of reconstruction, and with insurance claims still backed up by bureaucracy, our road to financial recovery was knowingly long. But our love for what we do encouraged Boston Nightlife Ventures to reinvest in FORUM and reopen triumphantly.
Unfortunately, the current real estate climate on Boylston Street has motivated FORUM’s landlord to raise rent this year by nearly three times our current rate. This rent increase makes it financially impossible for Boston Nightlife Ventures to operate and sustain a business at a location that means so much to us and to our city. Out of enduring respect for the events surrounding our brief but unforgettable history at 755 Boylston Street, Boston Nightlife Ventures has decided to retire the name FORUM.
Though FORUM must close, Boston Nightlife Ventures remains committed to investing in our city’s dining community. We look forward to using our resources and efforts to continue serving Boston at our existing locations—The Tap Trailhouse, Wink & Nod, Griddler’s Burgers and Dogs—and at exciting new concepts coming in 2015 and beyond. As owners and operators of multiple concepts, BNV is fortunately able to offer FORUM’s staff numerous opportunities to remain with our team.
We invite you to join us this week for one last hurrah before we close our doors following dinner service on Saturday, February 28th. For more information, please email us at info@forumboston.com
On behalf of everyone at Boston Nightlife Ventures, thank you to the city of Boston and its incredible residents. It is an honor to continue to serve you.
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