Thursday, May 07, 2015


On Tuesday, it was 80 degrees out in Boston. It was the perfect time to continue Eat Up New England's Lobster Tour 2015! I stopped at Solas in the Back Bay for my next lobster roll. 

This Irish pub has all of the traditional Irish dishes, along with some tasty bar food. Apps include nachos, their amazing house made potato chips with dipping sauce (TRY THESE!), potato & cheese dumplings, sliders, quesadillas and egg rolls. There's a Guinness onion soup on the menu, but I went for a pint of my favorite beer instead. The main menu includes a bunch of burgers, a homemade veggie burgers, chicken pot pie, mac-n-cheese, shepherd's pie and beef stew. 

The hot summery weather was the perfect excuse to try their lobster roll. A large portion of cold lobster salad was served on top of some lettuce and a buttery roll. It's served with a huge portion of homemade fries. There were enough fries for two people. Who knew you could find such a delicious lobster roll at an Irish pub?! , , ,

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