Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Grappa's Chocolate Bomba
For years, Grappa in Watertown, Massachusetts was one of Eat Up New England's favorite spots for Italian. It was so intimate. The food was delicious. The owner remembered us every time we stopped by for dinner. But this Valentine's Day, something had changed.
Eat Up NE had reservations. When we arrived on Saturday night, we were forced to wait with two other couples in the freezing cold entryway. The two servers were unfamiliar. 15 minutes went by and they paid no attention to us. When one of them finally checked in on us, her demeanor was cold. She told us we had to wait even longer. It didn't matter that it was Valentine's Day night and we had reservations. We left and ate somewhere else, promising we would never return. We never did.

Last week, it was reported that Grappa was shutting down. Eat Up NE is not at all surprised based on the last visit. Who knows what happened. It seems like there was new management in place. It's a shame. Grappa is a textbook example of how a perfectly good restaurant can go downhill so fast.
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