Saturday, August 29, 2015


The brand new Boston Public Market is a fresh food lover's dream come true. It's made up of small shops, all of them selling locally sourced foods, drinks, flowers and other products.

Eat Up NE recently parked in the garage that's right next to the BPM, and what struck me was the smell of cider donuts at ground level. That unmistakable fall smell comes from Red Apple Farm. They make their own cider donuts topped with cinnamon right there. You take a bag home, which of course we did! They also sell apples, fudge, jellies and cider slushies.

Walking around BPM, Eat Up NE was quickly overwhelmed by the variety of fresh and local foods. Appleton Farms sells the cheese that they make. Red's Best offers seafood right off of the boat. Q's Nuts has a huge display of sweet and savory nuts. Taza Chocolate has a chocolate bar where you can get hot and iced chocolate drinks. Yes, there's even a beer vendor. Hopster's Alley, with shelves and shelves of local beer. Bee on the lookout for The Boston Honey Company. They have a display of live bees!

The Boston Public Market is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 8am-8pm, so don't stop by on a Monday or Tuesday. , , , ,

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