Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts is one of those places that families have been enjoying for generations. The Inn is an historic landmark, having first opened in the the 1700's! It's menu is full of New England favorites and traditional comfort foods.
Eat Up NE stopped by for lunch on a cold fall day. The oven roasted breast of turkey was the perfect hearty dish. It comes with cornbread sausage stuffing, potato and cranberry sauce. They also serve a Thanksgiving panini, which is similar. Other entrees include lobster mac & cheese, chicken pie, steak, scallops, scrod, lobster pie and pot roast. There are also several salads and sandwiches, including the Nantucket Lunchbox, which includes a lobster slider, calm chowder and chips.

The Inn is open for lunch and dinner daily, with breakfast on the weekend.

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