Friday, February 26, 2016


Some of the finest donuts around are now being sold in Newton, but only for a limited time. Kane's has opened a pop-up shop at The Street in Chestnut Hill. It's right next to the Star Market.

Kane's is known for their huge, handcrafted donuts. I was only going to buy three or four when I stopped by today, but I wound up getting a half dozen. All of their donuts are amazing, but my favorite is their chocolate frosted. I also got a blueberry, chocolate glazed, jelly and strawberry frosted. The Kane's in Newton is open seven days a week now thru March 26th. Believe the hype! Be sure to stop by if you live nearby.

Kane's is also in the catering business. Brides and grooms are skipping out on the cake and going to DONUTS at their weddings instead, and that's where Kane's steps in:

How Kanes Donuts Became A Catering Leader One Cream Filling at a Time
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