Saturday, August 06, 2016


NoRA Cupcake Company prides itself on being "not your mother's cupcake company." One look at their cupcakes and you'll understand what they mean by that. Their cupcakes are HUGE. Eat Up New England stopped by 4th of July weekend and ordered the patriotic chocolate cupcake pictured above. It was so large that I saved half for later.

NoRA offers an impressively long list of flavors that differ from day to day. There's the "Adult Twinkie," a yellow cupcake filled with whipped cream filling. The "Time to Make the Donuts" cupcake is coffee cake, cream filling with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  Or try the Pan-Cup-Cake Bacon," a maple cupcake top with cream cheese frosting, candied bacon and toasted walnuts. The list goes on and on. 
NoRA also has a long list of cupcakes based on drinks. They call them "Dranks." There's the Irish Car Bomb made with chocolate Guinness cake. There's a Blackberry Margarita cupcake made with vanilla margarita cake mix with blackberries. There's a hot cocoa cupcake. An espresso cupcake. A White Russian. A strawberry peach lemonade cupcake. A root beer float cupcake. See why they say they're "not your mother's cupcake company." I've never seen a cupcake shop with so many different and unique flavors. It's truly impressive.

NoRA has two locations in Connecticut: West Hardford and Middletown.

NoRA tweets out their menu everyday. Follow them @NoRACupcakeCo. , ,

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