Sunday, November 06, 2016


Look out Subway. You have more competition in Massachusetts. The very first Which Wich sandwich shop has opened in Westwood at University Station. This chain opened its first shop in Dallas in 2003 and is now spreading across the country and the world. They have sandwich shops in Panama, Mexico and Dubai.

What makes Which Wich different from all of the other chains, is that customers write up their own orders. You pick a bag and write out exactly what you want on your sandwich, from size to toppings. Right now, they have a Philly cheesesteak special going on. There's the "Authentic Philly" with provolone and the "South Philly" with Cheeze Whiz. I enjoyed my "Authentic Philly." I'd also recommend their house chips, which are a peppery complement to their sandwiches. 

Their signature sandwich is "The Wicked." It's stuffed with five meats and three cheeses. Which Wich made headlines in 2010 when a customer from Atlanta dislocated his jaw biting into one! Also on their menu, a sandwich called "The Hula," with ham and pineapple. They also have classic beef, turkey, tuna, chicken and Italian sandwiches that are fully customizable. Which Wich also sells milkshakes, cookies and ice cream sandwiches. ,

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