Saturday, January 28, 2017


Chicken and waffles have been a southern staple for a long time. Fortunately for us New Englanders, chicken and waffles have popped up on menus close to home. NOW, there's a new twist on this food favorite... and it's one you'll still have to travel for.

Chick'nCone has been delighting New Yorkers for a few years. This food truck serves crispy, hand breaded chicken IN WAFFLE CONES! Choose from ranch, BBQ and Cinna Maple sauces. They make the chicken right in front of you in minutes. These crispy cones are the perfect tasty snack or quick meal. You don't even need a fork!

Eat Up New England found Chick'nCone at the Winter Village at Bryant Park in December 2016. The pop up location is gone now, but check them out on social media to see where they will be cluckin' and truckin' next.
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