Monday, May 01, 2017


Vermonster Waffled Grilled Cheese
Super Crunchy Grilled Cheese

Newport Creamery is a New England food icon. I had not visited in a long time, until this weekend. 

There was a Newport Creamery in Mansfield, Massachusetts when I was a child. It was just about 10 minutes from home, so my parents often brought us there for an Awful Awful and a grilled cheese sandwich. The Mansfield location closed long ago, replaced by a Bertucci's, but Newport Creamery and its classic comfort food lives on in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

This weekend my wife and I visited their locations in Middletown and Newport, Rhode Island. Saturday night, we pulled up to their ice cream window in Middletown. We ordered a vanilla Awful Awful. For readers who don't know, an Awful Awful is similar to a milkshake. It's made with ice cream, ice milk and syrup. Everything, the taste, right down to the Awful Awful logo on the cup, brought me back to childhood. 

On Sunday, we enjoyed lunch at their Newport location. They still have an ice cream counter, just like way back when. It's wonderful how some things just freeze in time. We sat down in their dining room and ordered some of their "Good Mood Food." I marveled at some of the new items on their menu, like the Super Crunchy Grilled Cheese, a grilled cheese stuffed with mozzarella sticks. They also specialize in Waffled Grilled Cheeses. They put the bread on a waffle iron and it even tastes like maple syrup. I loved their Vermonster Waffled Grilled Cheese. It's stuffed with bacon and caramelized onions. 

Two grilled cheeses with side salads for around $15. Newport Creamery is big on quality and value even after all of this time. I don't know why there were so many years in between my Newport Creamery Visits. Time has a way of melting away. But I know one thing, I'll be back soon.
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