Monday, July 17, 2017


Mamma's Sangria
Chorizo quesadilla
Inside Nacho Mamma's
Nacho Mamma's

Its name sounds like a Yo Mama joke, but when it comes to food, there's nothing laughable about Nacho Mamma's in Bristol Rhode, Island. Since 2010, Nacho Mamma's has brought Mexican flavor to this picturesque ocean-side town that is known for its seafood.

Sweet plantains, yuca sticks, chips & salsa and their Famous Wings are just some of their appetizers. Nacho Mamma's also serves heaping portions of nachos topped off with chili, chicken, pork, ground beef, flank steak or grilled shrimp. They also have BBQ Pork Nachos, which are topped with cheese, scallions, red onion, black olives, jalepenos and drizzled with avocado ranch. 

Entrees include Mexican favorites like burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas, tacos and quesadillas. I LOVED Nacho Mamma's chorizo quesadilla. The flavor of the meat was so good and this sucker was stuffed full of cheese. It was so big and filling that I took half of the meal home.

Signature meals include a Portuguese Burrito (flank steak, fries, cheese, rice, two eggs, Portuguese hot pepper & sour cream) and a Fried Chicken Quesadilla (fried, chicken, bacon, cheese and BBQ-Ranch drizzle). Nacho Mamma's also serves up salads, fried yuca bowls, burgers and even a taco pizza. This is also the home of "The Big Burrito Challenge," where they dare customers to eat a 5-pound burrito in just 30 minutes.

Nacho Mamma's has its liquor license! In the spring and summer, they serve up a wonderfully refreshing sangria. Don't let that red Solo cup fool you. This drink is all class. , ,

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