Friday, July 07, 2017


Green Garlic Frito Twists
Local Strawberry & Snap Pea Salad
Atlantic Fish Cakes

Sycamore is one of those buzzed about restaurants that Eat Up New England has been meaning to try and FINALLY got a chance to. We were able to reserve one last table on a busy summer Saturday night and sat down for a delicious and seasonally inspired meal.

Dinner begins with their fresh, homemade bread and salted butter. It is wonderful, and they are more than happy to bring you seconds and thirds. Up next, we ordered the Green Garlic Frito Twists from their "snack" section on the menu. These homemade twists are inspired by the Fritos twists in grocery stores, but so much better. They're made with just enough spice. We also enjoyed their Local Strawberry & Snap Pea Salad. This delightfully fresh summer salad was complimented by French feta, Thai basil and pistachios. Fantastic. 

I enjoyed their Atlantic Fish Cakes for dinner. They were fresh and surprisingly filling. My wife ordered their Caramelized Onion Pierogis. They were served in a mushroom cream with an English pea salsa verde. You don't often see pierogis on menus, so I was happy to try one. They were excellent. A creative and delicious vegetarian option.

Sycamore also has some very tempting summery mixed drinks on their menu, along with wines and beers. 

Sycamore is open for dinner only. Their menu is always changing, so give them a call or visit online to see what's cooking before you visit.

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