Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The Big E
September 15-October 1, 2017

This Big E is less than one month away. The annual fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts will feature all sorts of new foods to try, along with fair favorites.

A Belgian Waffle Sandwich will be served by Amy's Sweet Treats for the first time this year. It will be made of two thin waffles with Neapolitan hard ice in between them. Also new, Porky's will be serving up at BBQ Brisket Sundae. Hofbrau's Joe's will be serving up a Burger Bomb, a burger topped with cheese, bacon, onions and sauerkraut before being wrapped in pastry dough and deep fried! The West Springfield Lions Club with be offering their Flatliner Burger, two layers of cheeseburger and chili. topped with fries, cheese sauce and bacon. For dessert, Deep Fried Holy Cannoli will be on the menu at Coffee Break. 

The foods fairgoers know and love will be making a return. Marion's Fried Dough will be making Deep Fried Oreos. The Donut Family will have their Cinnamon Caramel Apple Mini Donuts. Poutine Gourmet will be serving plenty of poutine. Moolicious will be making their Blueberry Pierogi Sundaes.

Stop by on September 15 to see V-One Vodka make the world's largest Cosmo. The drink will be made in front of the crowd and smaller portions will be sold for $10 with proceeds going to the Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield. There will also be a Sam Adams Brew Garden with pub food and salads, while the New England Craft Beer Pub will have lobster mac 'n cheese, beef stew, popovers and a fair favorite called Beer-Amisu.

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