Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Pierogies stuffed with cheese and keilbasa
Draft beer from the Vermont Statehouse
Vermont's Cold Hollow Cider Mill
Vegetable Tempura
Del's Lemonade in the Rhode Island Statehouse
Turkey Legs - A Big E Favorite!
Lobster Roll from the Maine Statehouse
"Blueberry Pie" from the New England Craft Beer Pub
Baked potato from the Connecticut Statehouse
The end of summer is more tolerable for New Englanders every September because we have The Big E! The annual festival in West Springfield, Massachusetts attracts countless vendors and visitors every year. There's a live camel show. There are HUGE pumpkins, gourds that are more than one-thousand pounds. There are carnival rides and endless things for sale. If you're patient enough, you can even see some baby chicks hatch. The main attraction for Eat Up New England and so many others is, of course, THE FOOD.

If you like fried food, you're in lucky, because EVERYTHING is fried at The Big E. There are fried Oreos, fried vegetables, fried jelly beans, and even fried butter! I enjoyed some of the vegetable tempura from one of the vendors. We got a mountain of mixed veggies and ranch dipping sauce for under $10.

The New England statehouse replicas are one of my favorite parts of The Big E. They are models of each state's original statehouse and inside there are foods and items for sale from each state. Eat Up New England started off at the Rhode Island Statehouse, where I sipped on some cold Del's Lemonade. I enjoyed some craft beer in Vermont, a lobster roll in Maine and an incredibly satisfying baked potato at the Connecticut Statehouse.

There are so many drinks, alcoholic and non, at The Big E. The wonderful thing is, you can carry your beer or cocktail around all over the fair.  The New England Craft Beer Pub is one of my favorites, selling New England beers like Shipyard Pumpkinhead (with a cinnamon rim) and Vermont's Woodchuck Fall Cider. I LOVED their Blueberry Pie concoction of Sea Dog Blue Paw, pie syrup and a caramel cinnamon sugar rim. , , , , , , ,

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