Thursday, July 12, 2018


Super Nachos
Chompers entertains the crowd!
The Hartford Yard Goats
Since 2016, the Hartford Yard Goats have been all the buzz - or maybe the MEHHH - in Connecticut. The beautiful new park for the AA team sells out all of the time with the help of its adorable mascots, Chompers and Chew Chew. Dunkin Donuts Park is also the home of some good food, which Eat Up New England was lucky enough to try out.

There are the ballpark staples like hot dogs and hamburgers. Fans can get a large popcorn in a large Yard Goats helmet to take home. Ice cream is also served in small souvenir helmets. There's also Bear's Smokehouse BBQ, which features dishes like pulled pork and pulled pork mac & cheese. Of course, there is a Dunkin Donuts along with several donut-inspired dishes. There's the Glazed & Grazed Burger, which uses a glazed donut for a bun. There are also Dunkin' & Chicken Skewers - boneless bbq chicken with glazed Munchkins.

I enjoyed the Super Nachos from one of the concession carts. I piled nacho cheese, shredded cheese, chicken, salsa, lettuce and sour cream on top of my chips. I kept my beer local, opting for a gigantic cup of 308 Pilsner from Hartford's own Hanging Hills Brewing company. By the way, the food prices are reasonable, unlike in the big leagues.
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