Saturday, February 16, 2019


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

The many varieties of Insomnia Cookies.
Cookie cakes
Milk to compliment your cookie.
Insomnia Cookies on Thayer Street in Providence
Insomnia Cookies
Providence, RI

Can't sleep? Order some warm cookies! Insomnia Cookies delivers cookies until three in the morning every day. Their location on busy Thayer Street in Providence, Rhode Island also stays open until 2 am. 

These are some tasty cookies. There are traditional cookies like chocolate chunk, peanut butter cup, M&M's, snickerdoodle and double chocolate mint. They also have their own tasty batches of deluxe cookies like chocolate peanut butter cup and s'mores.  I loved their chocolate peanut butter cup cookie. It's a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter cups in it. It's served warm with ooey gooey warm peanut butter cup chunks in it.

Order one or a couple cookies or box them up to share. They have deals like the Six Pack, which includes 6 cookies. There's a Major Rager, which includes 18 traditional cookies. Or go nuts with The Insomniac, which is made up of 24 traditional cookies. 

Many of their locations, including this one, also serve ice cream. Customers can buy ice cream cookie sandwiches using any of their cookies. They also have cookie cakes, which serve four to eight people. , ,

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