Saturday, February 29, 2020


Trillium's large selection of draft beer.
Raspberry Chocolate Gateau
Trillium Brewing Company
Canton, MA

Trillium is the place to go for some fantastic local beer. Their brewing company in Canton includes a brewery, taproom and a large patio where crowds of beer lovers and their four-legged friends can enjoy a pint or two year round.

I am a big fan of flavored beers, so I was excited to discover that Trillium brews a bunch of them. I really enjoyed their Raspberry Chocolate Gateau. Other flavors include Peanut Butter PM Dawn. a Coconut Truffle stout and Peach Super Soak. There are also hoppy beers like Olmsted and Pipsqueak Penguin. The seclection of beers rotates and there's a list of beers currently on tap on their home page. Trillium also offers some snacks, and on weekends, they often bring in a food truck.

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