Thursday, March 10, 2022


Lemon chicken from Fiorella's

Blueberry muffin from Country Desserts

Caffe Nero across from Star Market

It's been about five years since I lived in Newton and I have missed so many of its restaurants. My wife and I recently spent some time in the city and reconnected with some of the places we have always loved.

The first stop was our favorite place, Fiorella's Cucina. I enjoyed my favorite dish, the lemon chicken. It's penne with chicken, kalamata olives and artichokes. We also went back to Paddy's Public House where I LOVED their chicken pot pie with a pint of beer. The pot pie is served in a bread bowl, which I devoured.

For breakfast, we stopped by Country Desserts for some of their delicious muffins. Their cupcakes are also amazing. We also checked out some new local chains like Caffe Nero and Clover Food Lab, which had opened since we moved away.

It was wonderful to see our favorite local spots still thriving all of these years later and after two brutal years of the pandemic. Check them out the next time you're in Newton. You can also read more about Fiorella's, Paddy's Public House and Country Desserts here on Eat Up New England. 

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