Friday, January 20, 2023



ViVi Bubble Tea
A brand-new bubble tea shop has opened up in Faneuil Hall in Boston. ViVi Bubble Tea specializes in Taiwanese bubble tea. There are a few other locations in Massachusetts, but it originated in New York City.

So what is bubble tea? It is made of tea most often with chewy tapioca balls. This is why people either love or hate bubble tea. Many people at work said they do not like the texture, saying they don't want to chew their coffee. But I quite enjoy those tapioca balls along with the refreshing flavor of the cold and milky tea.

Vivi offers a bunch of bubble tea flavors like honey dew, Japanese matcha, black tea and even tiramisu. There are also a bunch of varieties like milk teas, floats and lattes. ViVI also serves food like popcorn chicken, curly fries, soup noodles and rice bowls. 

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