Sunday, January 05, 2014


This picture was taken a few days before they closed.
#7: Bacon & cheddar omelet with hash browns and an English muffin
It's hard to believe, but a Connecticut tradition has closed its doors for good. Sort of. Since 1940, Mortensen's has been serving food and ice cream to their customers from their Berlin Turnpike location in Newington. Sadly, they are moving on to the next chapter and that means the restaurant is closed. They served their last meals to the public on December 31st. 

Mortensen's has been a favorite spot for my family for decades. We'd stop by for a sandwich and fries for dinner or a grilled cheese and bacon for lunch. For me, it was their breakfast that really put Mortensen's on the map. I loved their #7 breakfast special: a bacon & cheddar omelet with hash browns and your choice of toast. I always went for a grilled English muffin. Not only was their food great, but their staff couldn't have been any kinder. The same people, some of them members of the Mortensen family, worked there for years. You could always count on seeing them and catching up. It's no wonder why so many people were so sad to see a place like this go.

I ordered my last #7 on December 30. We hugged our waitress. My grandmother even took a picture with her. We were far from alone. Many of the regular customers were there doing the same thing. This spring, a Moe's Southwest Grille will open up where Mortensen's has stood for so long. In the back of the restaurant, will be Mortensen's ice cream. They also have another location in Cromwell, Connecticut that serves ice cream and the family has said they hope to open a few more ice cream shops. Mortensen's Restaurant: thank you for all of the wonderful meals and memories.

Mortensen's held an open house on New Year's Day to thank all of its loyal customers. This video was taken from that day.  , , ,

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  1. The video says it spirit, good simple homemade food, and caring quality....remember the giant sundae in a wheelbarrow?!!