Saturday, June 14, 2014


St. Anthony's Feast pizza
Cannoli with pistachios and chocolate chips
Everyone loves a slice of Boston's famous Regina Pizza. Some friends and I enjoyed dinner at Regina Pizza in Medford and shared some food. We started off with a large portion of their toasted ravioli and a few large Sam Summer Ale's. My favorite pizza of the one's we tried was the St. Anthony's Feast. It's a white pizza topped with large pieces of sausages, onions and peppers. We also shared their vegetarian and shrimp scampi pizzas. A small will be enough for one to two people. For dessert, we shared a cannoli and some tiramisu. Really good pizza and a nice atmosphere. They also have a few salads and pasta dishes on their menu. Regina Pizza has a bunch of locations around Boston, including a new one at Fenway and at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

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