Saturday, June 04, 2016


The Rooster Company in Newington, Connecticut sure knows how to cook a chicken. This farm-to-table restaurant specializes in rotisserie chicken and fine American dining at an affordable price.

Rooster Company's full bar is packed with local and national beers and wines.  I enjoyed their house margarita. Their menu is always evolving, but if you visit right now, I highly recommend their compressed cucumber side; sliced cucumbers with pickled mustard seeds and avocado pate. It's the perfect light and cool dish for the summer. Other sides include roasted cauliflower, roasted asparagus, corn bread and truffled mac 'n cheese. Start off dinner with their duck fat wings, local oysters or dig into their artisan cheese board to start your meal. Rooster Company also has several hearty soups and a bunch of salads which are vegetarian friendly.

For dinner, order the chicken. Get a whole chicken or a half chicken with sauces like Cola BBQ and walnut herb. The Rooster Company also has weekly specials. I was fortunate to visit on a Sunday when their special is chicken and waffles. The chicken was soooo good. All white meat. Nice and crispy. It comes with a tasty salad. Other main courses include salmon, spaghetti and meatballs, spinach risotto, steak, scallops and pork tenderloin. 

For dessert, there's a cobbler with Mortensen's vanilla ice cream. Their "Hummingbird Cake" also looks intriguing. It comes with pecans, pineapple and a "zesty cream cheese frosting."


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